Bill Clinton was president and Billy Crystal hosted the Academy Awards. Gas was $1.22 a gallon and Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match. Oh. But my favorite part of 1997? One Hip Chic opened on August 2. I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years. Fifteen awe inspiring, amazing, wonderful, soulful years filled with great eyeglasses and much greater customers. Thanks.

Annual Events at One Hip Chic

Each May and November we choose a day to have a special showing of frames. On that day, we invite a representative from two or three of our favorite frame designers and show their entire collections. There are thousands of frames here and it’s a great opportunity to choose a new pair of hip specs. For one week in July, we have our annual “Knock it Off Sale” when we take 50% off 50 frames. If you’ve purchased glasses here or have signed up to be on our mailing list, you’ll receive a postcard in the mail before each of our annual events. We’ll also announce the dates on our Facebook page.

My Little Treasures

Occasionally when I’m at an eyewear show I stumble across an obscure, small frame company*. Like the Italian manufacturer who was showing at the Paris show last fall. The designer spoke no English but was able to convey that he designs from the heart. Until we met, his frames had only been sold in two shops in the US. Or what about the beautiful French female designer, Carolyn, whose mother proudly showed me the newest styles? Sometimes I just can’t resist these little eyewear treasures. And that’s good news for you because I only sell one of each style. I don’t restock…there’s no reordering…which means you’ll most likely be the only one in the state (or the country for that matter) wearing your frame style.

*These companies are not listed on my Links page.


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Glasses are a Medical Expense

I know, I know you thought glasses were just for looking good. Truth of the matter is, they’re considered a “medical device”. That means that if you have a flexible spending account through your employer (you know, pre-tax dollars set aside for medical expenses), you can spend it here! Isn’t that a great way to pay for a pair of very hip specs?

There's Always Something
New Here

Sometimes I’m asked how often I get new styles in. The answer is constantly. Really. I am unpacking new frames on a weekly basis. I love change. I love refreshing my inventory and working with new styles, colors and materials.

Mailing List

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