Anne et Valentin
I could hardly contain myself the first time I saw this collection of eyewear. I knew immediately that I wanted to have their frames in my shop. I knew immediately that I would wear one of their original, whimsical styles. I own more than just a few pair now (hey, but so do A LOT of my customers!).


Quality, innovation and wearability are the core values of Bevelspecs. But what I love about Bevelspecs is their combination of colors. Colors like espresso, electric eel, deep sea green and aubergine. And let’s not forget their minimal approach. Oh and what about the designer/owner, Richard, and his British accent? And did I mention that Bevelspecs is based in the United States. Jeesh! Let’s face it there’s lots to love about this little company


Ok, I don’t even know how to describe this company and their thoughts on eyewear. This is where I just wish I could take you to an eyewear show with me. In Paris last year they won an award for a new frame style. I don’t even think they cared…they’re just having too much darn fun designing and coming up with new colors and funky shapes for their frames. Their website claims they are “thoroughly changing the landscape of spectacle design”…hmmmm, maybe I should’ve started my description with that statement, pretty much hits the nail on the proverbial head.