People are always askin'


Do you do eye exams there?
No, but if you give us a call or e-mail us, we’ll gladly recommend a good doctor.


Do you sell contact lenses?
Nope. And furthermore, why would you even want to wear contact lenses when you can get really cool specs? Specs that make you look smart or sexy or cute or…or however you want to look?


Do you take insurance?
We do not accept direct payment from any insurance company. Some insurance companies will reimburse you if you pay out of your own pocket. We will gladly fill out any forms to help you get reimbursed. If your insurance company won’t reimburse you, in most cases, you can buy the frame here and take it somewhere else to have the lenses put in. Somewhere that accepts your insurance. Heck, we’ll even help you pick a good place to bring them to!


Do you sell specs for guys too?
Yup…only cool guys, though…of course.


Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, for any amount


How’s your customer service?
Ok, ok we’ll admit it, no one has ever actually called to ask us this question but somehow we wanted to be able to tell you that good customer service is very important to us.



If I come in to One Hip Chic, am I going to see those black velvet heads with eyeglasses displayed on them? You know, like the ones I see in so many other eyeglass shops?
When hell freezes over.


Do you sell designer frames?
The frames we sell are designed strictly by eyeglass frame designers. Many of these designers have been in the optical business for years. They only design frames. They do not design purses or jeans or anything else.

Where are you located?

We’re on the corner of Park and Goodman, right across from Parkleigh Pharmacy (on the second floor). We have a parking lot that can be accessed on the Park or Goodman side of the building.


I heard that you guys are really expensive, how much are your frames?
Our frames range in price from $205 to about $600. We always have a few styles on sale (those frames are 30% off the regular price).


Can you get really thin lenses?
Yes, we have access to any lens that is available in the US and can advise you on what would best suit your needs.


Can I use my flexible spending money toward my eyeglass purchase?