About OneHipChic...

In winter of 1996, I was having dinner with people in the business (in the optical business). I’ll admit it. I was complaining. Complaining about where I was working. Complaining about my conservative workplace and the conservative frames I was selling. Anyway, one of the people at the dinner table said, “Hey, you’re one hip chick, why don’t you open your own shop?” Well, that got me to thinking. Thinking about how it didn’t seem to me that Rochester was as conservative as people “blamed” it to be. I actually felt there were some really hip people in town.


And I figured they’d probably love shopping at a place where they would find really cool specs just as much as I would enjoy working there. I thought it would be great to sell frames that weren’t sold anywhere else in town…frames from around the world. Did I mention this all happened around New Years? Well, it did. And with that prophetic question from my optical business friend, my New Years resolution was born. And eight months later (August, 1997), I opened One Hip Chic. Best New Years resolution I ever made! Oh, and you know what? I was right! Rochester isn’t that conservative! And it’s getting more and more hip with each pair of glasses we sell.


Want to get personal?

If she weren’t the chick at One Hip Chic, who else would she be?
A children's book author.

Where’s her favorite eyeglass show?
Paris, but I haven't been to every eyeglass show on the planet... yet!

If she didn’t live in Rochester, New York, where would she live?
Sedona, Arizona.

What's her sign?

What’s the most amazing thing she’s seen from the seat of a bicycle?
The Eiffel Tower.